Otto Goodwin
OttoG still
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Occupation Co-Founder of Lookinglass
Family Mary Goodwin s.
Series Information
Portrayed By Adhir Kalyan (Adult)
Amaree Samnani (Child)
First Appearance A Suitable Donor

Otto Goodwin is the founder of Lookinglass Technologies. Otto doesn't like socialising with the outside world and has his twin sister, Mary Goodwin, to do this for him. Otto is responsible for bringing Jimmy Pritchard back from the dead to cure Mary's cancer. Other than Mary, the only other person he trusts is Conor. After realising what a monster he had become, he committed suicide and murdered Connor by asking Arthur to open the plane doors where they both go falling to their deaths. Otto's ashes were given to Mary, where she then let them go in a lake in their home country. While Mary stayed in her home country, she gets a message from a program similar to Arthur, but it is later revealed to be Otto in computer form.


  • Constructed a private language, Twin-speak, consisting of over 3,000 words at 4 years old.
  • Spoke only to Mary till he was nine years old.
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