James "Jimmy" Pritchard
JimmyP Still
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Status Alive (Resuscitated)
Family Duval s.
Gracie gd.
Helen d.
Series Information
Portrayed By Rob Kazinsky (Adult)
Philip Baker Hall (Elder)
First Appearance A Suitable Donor

In the 2016 TV series Second Chance, Jimmy Pritchard is a man brought back to life by two scientists playing God in the quest to save one of their own lives.


Pre-Second Chance

Jimmy Pritchard, in the beginning, is a retired, in disgrace sheriff that lives alone in a small apartment where he passes the time with smoking, playing loud music and paying for the time of hookers. His FBI son, Duval, is often visiting every time the neighbors complained about his father. His granddaughter, Gracie, still admires him and respects him as the sheriff. One night while at his son's house looking for his record albums, he finds two men looking through his son's case files, and they kill him by throwing him off a bridge and making it look like he committed suicide.

As he fell to his death, we are shown what occurred in his past, including his childhood dressed as a type of cowboy, his wedding, his time as a soldier during a war, his high school time as a football player among the various memories.

Post-Second Chance

After being resuscitated by twins Marry and Otto Goodman, Jimmy finds himself younger, faster and stronger than ever before in his life, having his cells recorded for optimum capacity, resulting in what has been stated to be the "best version" of him physically possible. His serves as a potential cure for Mary, who suffers from cancer, and Otto, who has difficulty interacting with other people, brought him back to life in order to save his sister. With everyone believing that he jumped off the bridge, Jimmy tries to save Duval from his FBI partner and boss, who are corrupt and part of a string of bank robberies that have been happening for over six with no suspects, one dead and no leads.


  • Original body number was #0002950688 before Otto Goodwin instructed Arthur to switch the body number.
  • According to Otto, Jimmy's genetic variations is 1 in 10 Million.
  • He is five times stronger and faster than a regular man; his maximum oxygen uptake is 342 milliliters, six times that of an elite athlete.
  • He loves cadaver dogs.
  • At the end of the cancelled series, he ends up sharing a tank used to regenerate his body with another resuscitated individual, Alexa, who was also brought back by Otto Goodman.
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